Thursday, June 10, 2010

buffalo bites


Chicken boneless (cut into cubes) ½ kg

Salt 1 tsp

White pepper ½ tsp

Dry flour as required

Ingredients for batter

Flour ½ cup

Corn flour 2 tbsp

Egg 1

Baking powder 1 tsp

Oil 2 tbsp

Salt ½ tsp

Chili powder ½ tsp

Chilled water as required

Ingredients for sauce

Chili oil 2 tbsp

Chili sauce 4 tbsp

Garlic (crushed) 1 tsp

Honey 2tbsp


Marinate chicken cubes with salt and white pepper. Make thick batter with all the given ingredients. Mix the marinated chicken in batter. Roll in dry flour. And deep fry in hot oil for 10 minutes till crisp and golden.

Method for sauce

Heat 2 tbsp chili oil. Add crushed garlic. Slightly fry, add chili sauce, honey, and quickly coat the fried chicken pieces in this sauce. Remove, and serve immediately

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