Thursday, June 10, 2010

layer rice cake

Recipe of four layer rice cake


Rice (Boiled) ½ kg

Tomatoes puree 2 cup

Mayonnaise 1 cup... See More

Yellow color ¼ tsp

Peas 1cup

Carrot 1cup

Green Onion 250gm

Cabbage 1cup

Sliced Cheese 4

Black pepper ½ tsp

Salt ½ tsp

Crushed Red Chili 1tsp

Garlic 1tsp

Vinegar 2tsp

Lemon juice 2tbsp

Oil 2tbsp

For Garnish: Tomato and Capsicum


Divide ½ kg rice into two. In one part add ¼ tsp of yellow color. Cook 2 cup tomato puree. Add in vinegar, garlic, crushed red chili and salt. Cook till thicken. Heat 2 tbsp oil in another pan. Fry cabbage, carrot, and peas. Add ½ tsp black pepper, 2 tbsp lemon juice, and ½ tsp salt. Turn the flame off. In an oven proof dish make a layer of rice. Pour ½ of the tomato puree on it. Now make a layer of fried vegetables. And make anotBookmark

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